The world’s only ultra tiny differently-abled erotic art companion and holistic sex coach.  Tampa









Being the Berry started as a quirky circus experiment when I left my beloved San Francisco and found myself back in St. Petersburg, FL. I knew that a girl like me, short in stature and with physical disabilities, would be sideshowed if I proudly displayed my sensual aura. So, i assumed a carnival name and also a name based on kids’ and drunkards games. Your porn star name is your first pet and the street you grew up on.

 Id like to make the absurdity of erotic performance and the needs of a body, disabled or not, into a whimsical game--because we are all on this silly physical ride of being in flesh together! But it is not all burlesque for me--I take people’s rights to intimacy and erotic self-knowledge very seriously. I am certified as an sexological body worker through an institute in San Francisco., with the mission of helping folks who are ill, isolated or just stuck due to lack of juju. I’m also a poet and former social worker.


My apartment is a key part to experiencing the Berry. Rose-coral walls pulsate, sumptuous brown leather and floor tiles hold and energize you from your feet up, there is amber incense to take you away to a bohemian bordello for two, wine, juice,  snacks, the the tidy chaos of my collages and writing projects scattered around will transport you into the spheel of ease and play in pleasure.

I’m a dreamer, traveler, wishful healer, broody little bed bug who snuggles fierce, and mostly--the weird wonderful girl you met at the art college party.  Casual and pajama-style, bring your real self, your honest desire and let’s make erotic art happen!


Why do i do this work?


I have a disability and can't express myself in heels on the pole or a cabaret line. The conviction that touch is the new frontier of avant-garde art. Miss Calico really says it all

"You might ask why I do it after all that.  Because the difference between a person who wants to be a whore, and the one who doesn’t do it, is that one is a coward.  Because it’s glorious, because it’s exciting, because it’s raw and honest and it strips me down to nothing so that I know I am powerful all over again.  Because I have met the most amazing women and I don’t feel alone anymore.   Because I want to provide for myself, and dreaming about my future is beautiful.  Because I get to live my fantasies and everyone else’s.  Because people confide in me.  Because people are sexy in surprising ways.  Because I’ve had some mind-blowing sex with the unlikeliest people.  Because it’s mad and colorful and messy and it makes me feel alive.  Because I am very, very, very good at it."

Hope to hear from you soon


The Berry